How much protein do you need per day? ????

To date, scientists have revised the daily protein requirement upwards, and their recommendation is 1.0 gram instead of 0.8 g / kg of body weight.

Of course, excess weight due to fat mass requires a revision of the amount of protein and recommendations to calculate the norm not relative to the current weight, but DRY MASS☝ ☝ bodyweight seems quite reasonable.

This recommendation's lean body mass is NOT with zero fat percentage, but about 15% for men and 20 % for women, which is slightly below the norms recommended by nutritionists.

Of course, protein intake rates depend on the level of physical activity and current goals and are in the range of ➟ 1.5-2.0 g / kg.

With a hypercaloric diet, according to scientists, an increase in protein in the diet of more than 1.5-1.8 g / kg of weight will not provide additional benefits, while for athletes who are physically active on a diet designed to reduce the percentage of body fat, while maintaining muscle mass, it is advisable to increase the daily protein intake to 2.3 g / kg, or about 35% of the total amount of all nutrients.

???????? The widespread opinion that an increase in the amount of protein consumed impairs the function of the KIDNEY has not been confirmed in modern studies. ✔

Let's go back from science to practice.

It is not difficult to calculate that on a hypocaloric diet, a 90 kg athlete with 20% body fat should consume about 200 grams of protein daily to minimize muscle loss, which is sometimes very difficult and not always tasty.

Here, protein mixtures will come to the rescue but do not forget that their presence in the protein basket is not recommended to be increased by more than ➟ 30-35% of the total amount consumed per day.

Friends, share your protein intake norms with us! Do you have enough imagination to come up with protein delicacies? ????
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ONE OF THE REASONS FOR THE LACK OF MOTIVATION is a lack of the hormone dopamine.

It happened to everyone at least once that in the evening you have so many great plans starting from the next early morning, but the next day until lunchtime, you find it difficult to force yourself to do at least something of what you planned. As a result, you get angry with yourself, but you can't do anything about it.

A common cause of this situation is DOPAMINE FAILURE. ❤

The dopamine hormone works as a powerful mediator of motivation.

Our desire to achieve or do something is associated with it. ????

That is how it was created by nature:

the brain first assesses the possibilities of achieving the result. If it understands that success is hardly possible, it will not make you do anything about it. And when success is close and very possible, it instantly mobilizes all systems to achieve the goal. ????

The memory recorded all the situations when you received dopamine quickly and easily, and when, without achieving the result, you were left without strength and without dopamine. Therefore, it knows in advance when there is a possibility of getting dopamine and when not, and, in the absence of prospects, it does not seek to spur you on to any actions.

However, for many people, the dopamine system has been impaired since childhood.

Age from 2 to 4 is the best time to develop motivational mechanisms that influence the rest of your life. Nowadays, most parents usually do everything instead of their children, and it turns out that the child has almost no independence and an opportunity to do something on its own.

You can improve the work of the dopamine system, and here are the effective ways how to do it:

???? set yourself realistic tasks that you will most likely complete

???? do things step-by-step

???? alternate between work and rest periods

???? Thank and reward yourself for a positive outcome

???? use plans, checklists, set yourself time limits

Not everything will improve immediately, but gradually it will surely be rebuilt. ????

Share with us how you are doing with the goals: do you always bring things to a result or not?

How do you most often motivate yourself?

What are you willing to spend your funds on in the first place:

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⠀➡ If you eat a lot of delicious food and spend time on the couch, you will gain nothing but excess weight, bad mood, and sickness.

⠀➡ If you fall in love with the sport, you will give yourself health and a beautiful figure.

Remember: physical activity is necessary for our body! It helps us:

⚪ increase the rate of metabolic processes

⚪ increase the reserve capacity of the body

⚪ have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system

Our health is 60% dependent on lifestyle and physical activity, so it is so important to do sports.

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