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Can I achieve the same results online as in person?
Yes absolutely! With all of our training plans, you get out of the sessions exactly what you put in. We are going to work you just as hard during your online personal training sessions as we would if they were in person. With no travel involved, no weather or covid restrictions, you may find this to be a perfect solution for you.
How do you match me to a trainer?
We believe the My-Trainer Matching Process to be the most important thing, and this is why this will always be a human effort. We look at all of the information provided to make a suitable match for one of our fitness professionals.
What qualifications do your trainers hold?
All of our Personal Trainers are qualified and have a high level of experience. We select our trainers very carefully and they must match our values of professionalism, exceptional service and passion for the job. We have done the hard job of building the right team, so that you can enjoy the benefits of working with a fantastic PT!
What Covid measures do you have in place?
To ensure we can keep you and our team safe, we have implemented a number of measures for our in-person fitness sessions. These include:

  • Maintaining a 1- meter distance during training sessions
  • Wearing a face mask
  • Avoiding any hand on adjustments
  • Isolating and requesting a test, if experiencing any cold or flu symptoms
  • Not sharing any equipment in sessions
  • Staying on top of all government announcements and updating the team accordingly

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